About us

With more than a century of history, the Waldbaum’s brand has become, perhaps, the most iconic, authentic New York supermarket brands. It’s popularity, family feel, and wide selection of products, (including several in-house product brands) fueled Waldbaum’s to become one of the country’s largest supermarket chains and certainly one of New York’s most well-known. The Waldbaum family never shied away from their Jewish heritage becoming a leader in the arena of kosher grocery offerings and passover shopping long before many of the larger stores followed suit.

Julia Waldbaum, quite literally, became the face of Waldbaum’s with her image appearing on circulars, Waldbaum’s branded items and recipes-- many of which came from her own kitchen. Mrs. Waldbaum was known to visit stores, remove damaged produce, dust cans, and inspect meat all in a loving manner. She refused to have her home phone number unlisted because she wanted customers to understand that she wasn’t a fictional character (like Betty Crocker). she was more than just a picture on a can. This authentic old-world touch created earned Waldbaum’s a reputation for care, concern, and quality customer service. To those who grew up in New York in the 70s-90s, Mrs. Waldbaum’s visage evokes a feeling of family, motherly wisdom and caring. The Waldbaum’s name itself still engenders nostalgia for simpler times and fresh quality, good food at fair prices.